How to hide your belly without a slimming belt ?

abril 11, 2022 6 min read

How to hide your belly without a slimming belt ?

Have you noticed a slight increase in the size of your abdomen for some time now? Better yet, you have always had a large belly, and it is becoming a complex? Don't panic, because this is a fairly generalized fact that can be due to several factors. We think in particular of stress, insomnia, lack of sports activity and bad eating habits. In any case, having abdominal fat is not always pleasant, especially if you like to show off. If it is possible to camouflage this little defect by using girdles, you should know that there are also other alternatives that are quite conclusive. If you are tired of wearing a slimming girdle, this article shows you how to proceed to hide your curves.


The best way to camouflage your belly without a girdle is to fall back on clothes that present you in a different light.

To this end, the best results are achieved by paying attention to the type of clothing you should wear from now on. In other words, it's time to revamp your wardrobe. However, before making any choices, it is necessary to think about the obvious criteria such as the texture and colour of your new clothes.


Because the objective is to obtain an invisible belly under the clothes, you must favour certain materials over others. To this end, it's time to say goodbye to textures such as velvet, wool or lycra.

Better yet, absolutely avoid stretchy outfits, i.e. those made from an elastic fabric. Indeed, just like synthetics, they tend to stick easily and expose the extra pounds on the abdomen.

If you then want to invest in lingerie or clothing to reshape yourself, consider the following textures instead:

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Linen

These are the best combinations to get a slimmer waist when you dress.


Apart from the choice of materials, it is also essential to wear clothes that match specific colours. Obviously, there is no point in wearing a silk outfit if its colour is particularly shiny or satiny.

When you decide to avoid the tummy belt, the best way to dress is to avoid anything shiny. In fact, these are colours that highlight the different reliefs of the body, including those of the stomach.

For more discretion, it is strongly recommended to opt for dark colours. For example, black, grey, brown or navy blue will do the trick if you love dresses.

On the other hand, be careful with patterned clothes especially if they are oriented on the belly. Otherwise, you can choose patterns that dress up, in length, the envelope you want to buy.


Naturally, betting on specific clothes will not make you lose some abdominal weight. The objective here is to send an illusion to others and to erase your curves as much as possible. For this, the choice of tops is crucial, because it is the first garment that will create the illusion.

Generally, tops can involve sleeveless clothes, t-shirts, dresses, etc.


Very feminine, flowing tops are characterized by a fabric that is both light and soft. They are by far the best clothes to camouflage a thick abdomen. Indeed, they have the particularity to mould the whole body, except the belly. What's more, you can wear them anywhere because flowing tops don't restrict your movements.


Thanks to its size, a long top like a tunic will show off your hips better. This way, your curves will be better covered so as not to attract attention.


More precisely, dresses are the ultimate for women who feel they have an unsightly shape around the abdomen. Here is for you a combination of some models to adopt:

  • The draped dresses: they correspond only to women with a small stomach bulge. Once worn, these dresses pleated at the level of the belly can easily hide this small detail.
  • Peplum dresses: still known as basque dresses, this type of top will meet your expectations if you have a small but plump stomach. Remember to opt for a basque that starts around the waist.
  • Dresses that are tight at the bottom: this is a model that is loose at the abdomen and a little tighter at the bottom, at the hip or lower abdomen. It is recommended to hide a big belly especially when you have a wide or medium hip.
  • Empire dresses: this is a classic that you can't avoid. Depending on its design, an Empire dress is ideal if you want to hide a rounded belly without a girdle or a slimming corset. Obviously, it comes in a slim fit that tightens at the bust, but becomes flared at the bottom. Its role is to enhance your chest at the expense of abdominal fat.

On the other hand, if you are not in love with this model, you can always rely on low-cut or flowing tops without waist. They play the same role and offer more freedom.


It is obvious that you cannot be satisfied with a garment that covers only the upper body. To have a uniform silhouette, the bottom must also be taken into account. Whether it's a pair of pants, leggings or jeans, the criteria for choosing is the same : choose the right size.


To better cover the belly fat, your pants or jeans should have a high waist. In fact, this facilitates comfort as well as your confidence. However, not all high-waisted models are to be taken. Avoid XXL models, as they are the worst way to hide belly bloat.

On the other hand, a person with a big belly should bet on a stocking designed with at least 3% of elastane. This is a material that makes your jeans waterproof, which allows you to better adjust the closure according to your size.

Also, don't hesitate to check the height of the garment. Generally, bottoms with a very high waistline tend to tighten the belly when you are sitting. In the worst case, you may experience a breathing problem. On the other hand, a mid-rise stocking will hide the belly like a waistband without cutting off your breathing. And if you want a stocking for the house, a high waist panty will do the trick.


Choosing the right size for your stocking also involves choosing the length. To give the impression of having a slim waist while walking, it is advisable to invest in pants, jeans or leggings that end at the ankle. However, this recommendation does not imply stockings that are too long. You should take the time to try different lengths, because jeans that are too long give a rounded look and that is not your goal.


Do you feel that the previous tips are still not enough to slim down your figure? You need more to better hide your curves everywhere you go? It is possible to achieve this with additional accessories. Besides clothes, using a few embellishments strategically can help you. Here is a non-exhaustive list:


  • Jewellery: a beautiful necklace or sparkling earrings are excellent equipment to accessorize your outfit. This way, you will draw more attention to the beauty of your face. People won't think directly about your belly.
  • A scarf or wrap: with a teaser scarf, you can easily cover the central part of your body and refocus external attention elsewhere. For added effectiveness, consider tying your scarf so that it rests on your shoulders or chest.
  • An open jacket or vest: when supported by a flowing top, this type of piece creates a real illusion. It accentuates the idea of a flat stomach and lengthens your figure in turn.
  • A wide belt: it may seem counterproductive, but the effect of wide belts placed under the bust is remarkable. In fact, the accessory will melt on the belly to present the asset of your chest.
  • A handbag or satchel: Handbags are your friends if you want to hide your curves without a girdle. For this purpose, choose a bag with a long strap: it will create a long vision at the level of the eyes which will not stop any more on your small bulges.

All in all, it seems easier to hide your rounded belly with a tailored dress code than with a simple girdle. The most important thing is to feel good about yourself and choose a look that you love above all else. If you are just coming out of a pregnancy we recommend you read our article: Wearing a girdle after pregnancy.

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