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How is it possible for one woman to have a big bum and another a flat one?

Women with an hourglass or pear shape usually have a larger bum without having to do anything. Your bum is one of the places where your body stores fat quickly, resulting in a thicker, fuller bum.

When you have an apple shape or a straight figure, your body stores fat in other places. It makes sense then that you have a flatter bum. Fortunately, this doesn't mean you can't do anything about it.

Your bum is made up of muscle and fat. If you are underweight, i.e. if you have a BMI of less than 18.5, it will be difficult for you to get a more rounded bum.

You may not have a problem with the appearance of your bum, but you may find it difficult to sit for long periods, especially in hard chairs. Read on, there are many solutions to this problem.

Beautiful bum with corrective underwear

The best way to enhance your bum is to wear tight-fitting clothes. Every woman can feel confident with corrective underwear. You can enhance your curves and emphasize your feminine shape. Let your beautiful bum stand out even more with corrective underwear. Do you also want to enjoy a beautiful bum with a fuller look? With push-up garments such as the push-up panties from our shop, you can enhance your bum naturally and wear all the clothes you like with confidence.

If your bum is flat, you can use push-up clothes to make it look fuller. This means you don't have to work out or have expensive surgery. A good pair of push-up trousers will give your bum a natural curve. You'll see that you'll have a bulging bum when you lift your bottom. There are several ways to turn your flat bum into a nice round one. You can choose briefs or shorts without padding that will lift your bum slightly and make it look fuller. However, if you want to achieve a permanent result, you should choose briefs or shorts with padding. Check out all the options below.


Shaping shorts with a cut-out look like high-waisted shorts that will lift your bum. This makes your bum look a little tighter. The advantage of these shorts is that they also flatten the stomach.

The strong hold shorts are super comfortable shorts that give you a fantastic result. The soft material shapes your tummy, hips and bum nicely and also gives them a little relief. Ideal if you have a pear-shaped figure.


Push-up panties are the best kept secret for getting the bum of your dreams! The (removable) padding in the shorts gives you a great result as soon as you wear them and gives you the beautiful, round bum you've always wanted! The soft trousers are very comfortable to wear and have pockets in the back for removable pads that cannot move. This way, you'll have a nice bum in no time.

Do you want a full bum and a flat stomach without working out?

These corrective shorts with padding will give you beautiful curves in no time ;-)

Choose the Shaping Padded Shorts. The padded shorts are a must-have for those of you with a flat bum and a tummy. The removable padding provides an instant butt lift with a natural lift and transforms your flat bum into a fuller one. It immediately corrects your tummy and the legs are smooth. The advantage is that these shorts can also be worn without the padding like traditional shape shorts.

Be proud of your figure despite a flatter bum. You can improve your flat bum by joining a gym and starting to work out. Eat enough protein to build muscle in your bum and shop smart! Or choose shapewear that accentuates the natural curves of your body.

Do you suffer from cellulite? We have solutions for that too, you can read about them in our blogs.

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